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HAIR CUT by Daria Iz

Women’s Designer Cut starts at: $90
*Includes shampoo, cut, and style

In need of a brand new look? Or are you looking to style your hair for a special occasion, trim, or touch-up your current do?

Hair trends come and go, but a custom haircut with a style that’s meant for you will never go out of style.
Having a unique hairdo will definitely guarantee you to look more gorgeous and confident.

Daria is highly trained in perfecting different hairstyles. Whether you have thick, fine, curly, straight, wavy, or anywhere in between, Daria can create the perfect look that’s right for you!

What’s the Right Haircut For Me?

Did you know that your lifestyle can play a big factor in your choosing a haircut that’s right for you?

If you’re too busy to maintain longer locks, a shorter style may be fit for you. Are you typically indoors? A longer, layered cut could be the look you’re looking for. What’s the shape of your face? We can work with you and create a cut that will best compliment your face shape!
Better yet, if you have a style you want to go for, show us and we’ll make it happen! We can also check if the haircut you like suits you!

If you don’t have an idea on what look to go for, don’t worry! Daria can help choose the perfect look for you to help you feel more glamorous and confident!

How Long Does a Haircut Take?

The time it takes to cut your hair depends on the style you want to achieve. However, the shampooing and the blow drying after can definitely use up more time.

A change in style will take longer, depending on how much hair is needed to be cut off. To be safe, it’s best to allocate at least an hour and a half if you’re planning to get a haircut.

Haircut Style Ideas

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