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For Partial Highlights: Starts at $299  I  For Full Highlights: Starts at $345
*Depends on thickness and length of hair

Add streaks of color to your hair with dazzling highlights! This hair dyeing technique has been a staple in hair culture for decades, and will likely remain popular for years to come.

If you want to have a brand new look and style but are hesitant to do a full color, highlights are definitely a
great alternative.

What are Highlights?

Highlights are strategically placed pieces of color that are lighter than the natural one. The overall process consists of using bleach to isolate the areas where you want the highlights to be placed.

Unlike the balayage that uses freehand to paint the color on the hair, this technique is done using the most classic highlighting method, which is the use of foils, creating a soft blend between the natural hair color and the highlighted color.

The results can also range from soft and natural to super bright blonde, depending on if the stylist will use heat or not.

Highlights can also be multi-tonal! If you feel like you are too blonde, you can ask your stylist to break up the color by adding different shades to it. You can even use darker colors or just change the tone around the same shade, to achieve that gentle blend.

Types Of Highlights

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Partial Highlights

Partial Highlights are usually placed around the face to give off a brighter, face-framing effect. Sometimes, partial highlights are on the entire top half or the top and side sections of your head. You can also ask your stylist to include the hair underneath, whichever you prefer.

Partial highlights are perfect for those seeking a more natural and subtle look. It’s also a good option for those just wanting to add a bit of color into the hair.

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Full Highlights

Full Highlights Typically involves highlighting hair in every section of the head.This could include slightly lightening all of your hair, or going from brunette to blonde for something more dramatic.

Most full highlights involve highlighting your hair all over; from the front, the sides, the back, and even to the nape of your neck.

How Long Does It Take To Get Highlights?

Having highlights done takes approximately two to three hours. However, it can actually take longer or shorter, depending on the length of your hair, its natural color, and the technique that will be used.

Highlights differ from person to person, but it’s safe to say that you’ll be sitting for a few hours. It’s also best to have your hair assessed to see how long it can take you to have it done.

Should I Go For Full or Partial Highlights?

Thinking about having partial highlights?

  • Less damaging: since you’re only highlighting a few sections, you’ll likely experience less damage in your hair.
  • Less expensive: partial highlights are cheaper than a full highlight since you wouldn’t be adding color to all sections of your hair.
  • Looks more natural: partial highlights create a softer and natural look.
  • Low maintenance: if you can’t visit your stylist every now and then, partial highlights are good for you.

Want to get full highlights & achieve a more dramatic look?

  • Endless options: With full highlights, you can go as subtle as blonde or brighter shades, or as dramatic as colorful highlights.
  • Big change: If you want to revamp your whole look and go from dark to light or vice versa, full highlights are a great option.
  • Versatile: Full highlights will look great regardless of half up, half down, braids, straight hair, and even curly hair!
  • Great for fine hair: Full highlights will look more textured and dimensional for those with fine hair.

Highlights Color Ideas

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