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All-over color starts at $150
Touch-up starts at $120 for root & gray coverage only.
Toner/Gloss starts at $150
Color Correction/Removal is at *Price by appointment

No look is complete without gorgeous and vibrant hair color. After all, great hair color emphasizes a great hairstyle! It also has the power to completely transform your look and enhance your features.

Looking to change your current hair color or do you want to just even things out? From all-over color and touch-ups to toner, gloss, and color correction, Daria’s got you covered.

As a hair color specialist, trust Daria to provide a top-notch hair coloring experience that’s tailored to suit
your best self!

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All Over
Also called “single-process hair color,” all-over color is a one-step process that involves coating the hair with a long-lasting shade applied from roots to ends.

All-over color has three levels: permanent, demi-permanent, and semi-permanent. And as their names suggest, they differ in strength and in how long they last.

Permanent color lasts the longest, and a little tougher on your strands since it employs ammonia. It can lighten or darken your hair up to four levels.

Demi-permanent color gentler on your hair, but it usually lasts for only 24-26 shampoos.

Lastly, semi-permanent hair color is the gentlest on your tresses. However, it’s also the fastest to fade.

If you’re not ready to have it all in one go, you can always try out a semi-permanent color!

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Touch Ups
Whether you’re trying to hide a few silver strands or need to conceal a more significant amount of gray hair, touch-ups are all it takes to cover those and feel more confident.

When hair stops producing color and eventually turns to gray, the outer layers of the hair or the cuticle also begins to get thicker, making it more resistant to absorbing hair dye. When this happens, making gray coverage is more challenging than other color processes.

Fortunately, Daria has got you and your grays covered. Achieve seamless gray coverage and bring back your confidence!

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Toner Glass
Toners are usually used along with highlighting and bleaching services to ensure the outcome is perfect. There are ten levels of coverage when using toners with level 1 as the darkest black shade and level 10, the lightest blonde color.

The tone of that level is defined by how much warmth or brassines is in the hair color level. Tones can be warm or golden, cool or ashy, or just neutral. Basically, toners cancel out unwanted tones in hair such as brassy yellow, gold, orange, red, or ash.

It’s also used to balance out the warm tones that are naturally in darker hair, tweaking it to a more desirable color. A demi- or semi-permanent color is applied to the hair to blend and balance uneven hues.

Gloss, on the other hand, works as a topcoat for the hair. It adds shine, richness, and helps the color to last longer.

How long do Toners last?

Toners often last an average of four to eight weeks, depending on how well you take care of it. It can also be reapplied, if desired.


Had a bad coloring experience? Or are you not satisfied with how your hair color turned out?
Either way, Daria can bring back your confidence and the vibrancy your hair once had!
Color correction can involve color removal, bleaching, and sometimes a double-process color to prep your hair and get it going for
the hair color you truly want.

A little caution though. Removing black, dark brown, or red shades might take multiple sessions, and if you’re planning to go blonde, it won’t be possible in the first session.

However, rest assured that we will get you a wearable, gorgeous, and confidence-boosting color
to get you through!

In some cases, we may be able to do a double-lifting session in a day, depending on the quality of
your hair and on your budget. Otherwise, we recommend six to eight weeks between future sessions.

How long will Color Correction take?

To guarantee you the best possible outcome, please allow four to seven hours for the entire process.

We know that all hairs are different. That’s why we highly recommend to have an appointment first so Daria can assess your hair better.

What Hair Color Should I Go For?

Deciding which hair color to go for is tough, especially since all shades look perfect. However, knowing which color suits you best actually depends on the color of your skin tone and its undertones! Here’s a guide for your reference.

If you’re:
Fair-skinned with warm undertones, platinum, ice, silver, ash, sand, beige,
and champagne will definitely highlight your complexion.

Fair-skinned with cool undertones, gold, caramel, amber, honey,
and butterscotch shades will look great on you.

Fair-skinned with neutral undertones, strawberry blonde, copper, amber,
rust, and russet will look gorgeous.

Fair-skinned with peach undertones, rue red, dark auburn, and burgund
will accentuate your fair complexion.

Medium-skinned with warm undertones, dark chocolate, chestnut,
dark auburn, and mocha will look fabulous!

Medium-skinned with cool undertones, go for caramel, honey,
golden brown, amber, mahogany, or cinnamon.

Medium-skinned with neutral undertones, best to go with true black,
espresso, blue-black, or licorice.

Dark-skinned with warm undertones, you won’t go wrong with caramel,
golden brown, butterscotch!

Dark-skinned with cool undertones, dark mocha, brown-black, and deep
black hues will warm up the skin!

Dark-skinned with neutral undertones, auburn red, reddish-brown,
and chestnut shades will look even more vibrant on you.

If you don’t have an idea which color will suit you best, no worries! Your hair is in expert hands with Daria.

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