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BALAYAGE by Daria Iz

For Partial Balayage: Starts at $299 I   For Full Balayage: Starts at $350
*Depends on thickness and length of hair

Have you tried this latest trend yet? Means to ‘sweep’ in French, Balayage is a hair trend that has been around for decades and shows no signs of ever slowing down.

If you’re looking for hair color that looks natural, gorgeous, and requires little maintenance, balayage is definitely for you.

What Is Balayage?

Balayage is a hair dyeing technique where a color is “swept” through small sections of the hair, creating a natural-looking highlights that’s lighter near the ends and gives your hair that natural and sunkissed look.

You can achieve many different effects; from soft, natural highlights to strong and highly defined. In other words, the look is very sleek, modern and effortless.

This technique was developed in the 70s in Paris, and was called “Balayage à Coton”, as colorists used (and some still use) cotton stripes to isolate colored strands from the untouched ones.

It’s simply a technique where your stylist selects pieces of the hair to hand paint highlights or dye directly on the hair, creating a more natural, “barely noticeable” blond look, rather than using the traditional foiling highlighting technique.

Balayage can be used in even the shortest pixie cut, however, the best results is in hair below the shoulders.

Types Of Balayage

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Full Balayage

As the name suggests, all hair is highlighted in the type of this technique.


Partial Balayage

Highlights are applied only to specific areas of the hair.


Subtle Balayage

As a soft balayage variation, color is applied to areas where it usually catches light or where color would fade naturally.


American Balayage

A mix of the open-air technique and foiling, foil highlights are applied and the remaining hair between the foils are hand-painted. It’s recommended for dark-haired women, and is usually used for perfect face framing, or extending the highlights closer to the scalp.



A technique where some freehand pieces are wrapped in foils. Your hair is painted first and then a foil will be applied around the balayage pieces. The lighter tones melt into the highlighted background.


Reverse Balayage

Also known as Inverted Balayage, it uses darker colors at the ends. The result is something in between a balayage and an ombre. Basically, contrasting colors are used, which is a bit high maintenance. Reverse balayage is perfect for blondes and those with brown-blonde hair.

How Long Does Balayage Take?

The time it takes to have balayage done depends on the style and depth of highlights, your hair type, and the stylist’s skills. 

Face-framing highlights may take 1-2 hours; a full balayage may take around 3-4 hours. More complicated types may take up to 5-6 hours. 

On average, it takes 4 to 5 hours if a client wants a cut on top of a balayage. 

*Depends on the type of balayage you want to have done.

Is Balayage Right For Me?

It could be if:

  • You’re looking to revamp your look or want to try something new without going to extremes.
  • You would love to change your hair color but want to switch to something less damaging.
  • You’re new to hair coloring. The great thing about Balayage is it can be subtle. You can also have your stylist add more highlights and color later on if you want to go for a more noticeable change.
  • You’re super busy and can’t make appointments every 4-6 weeks.


Balayage Color Ideas

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